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hide copyright on myspace osasco     Tupelo, Mississippi
Like goin out to the cinema and socialising but also enjoy cosy nights in.
hide freinds and myspace comments trish     Starkville, Mississippi
I am very outgoing and fun person. I work in the travel industry and love what I do. Really looking for someone who takes care of their body and likes to get out and do things. I really enjoy working
hide friends and comments on myspace dee896     Fort Worth, Texas
hi. just entering this website to see if it delivers. im straight-forward, fun and not to forget genuine. / learn more by sending me a message.
hide fatness for myspace bbking     Annecy, Rhone-Alpes
I like to hunt, fish, ski, snowmobile, dirt bike, like to take my truck off road, softball, i like hockey. I also like to work on cars and go to the drag strip, i like to go out boating.

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